Have you been involved with Sustainable Development Management Plans (SDMP)?

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Hi all, 

I'm the new Core Trainee Rep for the Sustainability Committee of the Royal College Of Psychiatry. Daniel Maughan and I have been talking to the NHS Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) about how clinicians could support SDMPs in their local Mental Health Trusts. 

We realised that one of our first steps is to hear back from our network to see if anyone have been involved with their local SDMP? How did you hear about them? Did you lead on any projects? Did you have a formal role on any steering committees? 

In brief SDMPs are documents produced by trusts to help them plan their sustainability work and consider financial, social and environmental impacts. There are incentives for all trusts to have them, and there are associated monitoring and reporting processes in place for progress to be tracked centrally. 

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Please either reply here or send your comments to Shuo.Zhang@kcl.ac.uk

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