NHS Sustainability Day!

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It is one week until NHS Sustainability Day. How are you marking this date??

As I type this the Chancellor of the Exchequer has decided to freeze fuel duty, which means ongoing cheaper fuel… which means more cars on the road… which means more traffic, pollution and emissions…

So let’s do our bit and have an ‘active transport’ day to save carbon miles, money, and increase our well-being and fitness.

So let’s walk, cycle or get public transport for all or part of our journeys to / from work! Every little helps even just a small part of our regular journeys.

I shall try to cycle from Oxford to Reading and back…. A cakewalk after the trek from Oxford to London for the launch of the sustainable commissioning guidance.

Feel free to post comments here to tell us if you’ve saved any carbon-miles next Thursday! Alternatively, let us know of other ways you find to mark the date!


NHS Sustainability Day.

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Good to hear from you Mike

Next Thursday I'll be cycling to work as usual through the Devon countryside...Moor to Sea and back again

i've tried with significant success to adopt a zero excuse to cycling in....a great mind set to adopt.....and surprisingly easy once you put your mind to it

happy and safe cycling everyone 



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Hi Adrian thanks for the response. I like your 'zero excuse mindset' as the little goblin in our minds which feeds us those excuses can become very loud at times... particularly in Winter!

Glad to hear you are still cycling that distance, beautiful place to cycle too. I'll be going over the chilterns again next week, but this time without the Phil / Adrian / Jules support crew...



Mike - great idea and that

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Mike - great idea and that photo always makes me smile.

I usually drive to work but I have decided that on NHS sustainability day I will be walking to work (for my sins) and have roped a few colleagues in to!!!


Awesome well done Suhana,

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Awesome well done Suhana, great that you're drumming up support too


Green lunch day in Cumbria

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Team members at the older adults CMHT in Kendal (where I work) have decided to have a 'green lunch' today to mark NHS sustainability day. Here were some of the suggestions:

  • 1.Minimize waste, including packaging, plastic bags and leftover food.
    2. No meat or dairy
    3. Local and seasonal food 
    4. Fairtrade and organic 
    5. Sustainable fish
    6. Non GM
  • 7.No plastic day i.e. bottles, cups or bags 

Anyone for some organic chocolate?!.......


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