Sustainability Series: A sustainable approach to mental health care

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As part of the Sustainability Series leading up to CSH's 10th birthday, we're excited to publish our first blog on sustainable mental health care by Dr. Daniel Maughan: A more sustainable approach to mental health care

It provides a good overview about how sustainability changes can be made to mental health care. An excellent resource for those new to the subject, or seeking to explain it to others. 

Next week's blog on sustainable mental health care will provide some guides showcasing interventions you can take. 

Please share widely and get in touch below with any questions. 


Sustainable Mental Health Care

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I totally endorse Dr Daniel Maughan's points regarding the value of experience in the natural world to mental well-being. As one person with mental health problems said "Coming here to 'MindGrowers' Garden' does me far more good than seeing a psychiatrist!" However I'd like to add the value of the arts, both creative activities and also art and music therapies. There is much good research and I would recommend Dr Daisy Fancourt's recent book Arts in Health published by Oxford University Press.

I'd also like to say that Open Dialogue offers the best outcomes for first episode psychosis and uses less medication and less hospitalisation, with patients having has less chronicity, than conventional psychiatric practice.


Creative Health

Thanks for the book recommendation Margaret!

This inquiry report into Arts for Health and Wellbeing was launched last year:


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