Draft learning outcomes for sustainability teaching in medical education

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These Priority Learning Outcomes (PLOs) represent a reworking of recommendations made to the GMC in January 2012.

The twelve PLOs trace a path from global environmental awareness to practical action in the workplace. Each PLO links to established curriculum topics drawn from Tomorrow’s Doctors.

A national consultation process is reviewing these documents in 2013.  Participation has been invited from undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, students, trainees and special interest groups.  We welcome input from anyone interested - the online consultation will run 14 January to 5 April 2013, and the outputs will be reviewed at a high level seminar at end of April.

The consultation is primarily about learning outcomes but we have included an appendix on teaching methods to give you a sense of how the outcomes might be put into practice. 

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SHE curriculum working group

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December, 2012

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  • educational materials

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