New MSc Sustainability, Health and Wellbeing delivered by e-learning

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This unique master’s course, from one of the UK's largest universities, has been directly tailored to address the urgent need to confront sustainability issues related to health, wellbeing and healthcare provision. Delivery is via e-learning with live interactive sessions, so that study can be undertaken entirely from your own home.


Sustainability, health and wellbeing are global issues. Every nation is facing grand challenges and many of these have a shared foundation. Climate change is broadly recognised as the biggest global health threat. Together with other factors such as an increasingly aging population, multimorbidity, disability, microbial resistance, depleting resources and issues related to wide scale health and wealth inequality, the challenges facing global health are substantial.


This course seeks to explore the shared global challenges, as well as those being specific to individual regions, and hence be applicable to public health and healthcare personnel around the world. It has been designed to meet the needs of those holding strategic positions within organisations as well as individual public health and healthcare workers who wish learn more about how to enhance sustainability, health and wellbeing.



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