Priority Learning Outcomes Project

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Educating for Sustainable Healthcare – Priority Learning Outcomes Project. 

Invitations have now been sent out to leaders in medical education and other representatives for a national consultation process to scrutinise and refine priority learning outcomes, aimed at integrating sustainability concepts into medical education programmes. These outcomes have been developed by a curriculum working group from the SHE network following discussions with the General Medical Council.

An online consultation will take place in the New Year followed by a seminar in London on 30th April 2013 to review the main findings, and allow further discussion and refinement. The aim is to publish consensus recommendations for learning outcomes. A supplementary document of ideas for implementation into the curriculum will also be produced. 

The headings of the draft outcomes are below. 

The Doctor as Scholar and Scientist.

  1. Ecosystems and Human Health
  2. Human impacts on ecosystems
  3. Health effects of ecosystem stress
  4. The sustainability paradigm
  5. Measuring the environmental impact of health services

The Doctor as Practitioner

  1. Fostering self-care and resilience
  2. Lean Clinical Care Pathway
  3. Resource management
  4. Healthy Spaces and Healthcare Environments

The Doctor as Professional

  1. Ethics and Values
  2. Policy and Law
  3. Improvement Science.

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