Teaching Sustainable Healthcare in English Medical Schools Survey 2010 - summary of results

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The Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE) network was begun in June 2009 by a group of clinicians, academics and students interested in supporting the goals of NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy (2009)  by developing and piloting undergraduate teaching materials on the health effects of climate change and the role of ‘tomorrow’s doctors’ in a low-carbon NHS.  With a growing ad-hoc membership, it was decided to survey all medical schools to identify Schools which might already be involved in this area, or interested in developing it. 

A 13-question survey was sent to the Deans of 31 medical schools throughout the UK in June 2010.  Follow-up was conducted in November 2010.  The highest response rate came from English medical schools (19/23; 83%) and those results are summarised here. 

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Sustainable Healthcare Education Network

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January, 2011

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