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Does anyone have any advice for how to assess a pharmaceutical/medical devices company's commitment to sustainability?

If companies are sponsoring education events, for example, and we wanted to set criteria for deciding whether to accept sponsorship or not based on their sustainability credentials are there any reliable indicators for this?

Any advice welcome, thanks!


try Ethical Consumer

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Hi Bethan, I always check www.ethicalconsumer.org for companies' ethical rankings, including sustainability and other considerations,  whenever I'm making a purchase as a consumer.  They research publicly available info for various sectors each month, and it's geared to householders so might not be specific enough, but you could take a look at rankings for over-the-counter medicines, for example:   https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/health-beauty/shopping-guide/over-counter-medicines  

I have a subscription so can't tell from my screen how much will be behind a paywall for you but you might be able to search the companies you're considering.


Great, thanks Marty

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Great, thanks Marty


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