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Hi all, 

Just wanted to post two opportunities that might be of interest to you! 

Register Now: Health & Climate Social Media Advocacy Training

Would you like to learn more about how to talk about climate and health on social media? The global health community now recognises the climate emergency as a health emergency, but it can be difficult to know what to say as a health professional. On Tuesday 27th July, at 09.00 and 17.00, the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change and the Global Climate and Health Alliance will be running two online workshops to help you to become a health and climate advocate. This will include:

  • A recap of the latest science on climate change and human health
  • A summary of why this year is vital for climate change, what COP26 is and what policies health professionals can be calling for
  • General principles to communicate climate and health
  • How and why to communicate about climate and health on social media

The session will be run interactively so you'll need to make sure you have a twitter account before the session, and you will practice tweeting during the session. Additional materials will be shared after the session to help you to join the growing global movement of health professionals advocating for policies that protect planetary and population health. ​

Register now to attend for free:

RSM: What is the role of healthcare professionals? (Tuesday 20th July, 6-7pm)
This final episode of RSM's 'Health emergency of climate change' series will focus on the role of healthcare professionals in the climate change discussion, and how they can advocate and have an impact, particularly ahead of COP26 in November. A panel of expert speakers, including Dr David Pencheon and Dr Rita Issa will discuss what healthcare professionals can do to frame climate change as a health issue, how to make a difference in their daily practice, and how to have influence through their organisations and groups. 



Call for Stories 

Dear Climate Reality Leader,

One of the promises made as we got on board the Climate Reality Leadership Corps was to inspire the people around us with stories of Climate Action.

As we approach CoP 26, the canvas is getting bigger. And today we are reaching out to you to know story of your climate action.

Do you have a story from your region or neighbourhood that is making ‘Just Transition’ possible. Are they scalable to get replicated across the globe?

We look forward to such inspirations from your side that would form a part of the Climate Reality Pavilion at CoP 26, Glasgow.

The end product would be a 1 – 4 min video but as of now, we are looking forward to ideas broadly falling in the category of Transport, Energy or Nature.

Do fill this form below to get started.

Looking forward to your ideas and submissions – Last date, 12th July, 2021.
All the very best for your story selection.

Best Regards,

Climate Reality India Team

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