Outpatients: the future – adding value through sustainability

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The Royal College of Physicians published a new report 'Outpatients: the future – adding value through sustainability' which seeks to re-evaluate the purpose of outpatient care and align those objectives with modern-day living and expectations.

The traditional model of outpatient care is no longer fit for purpose as it places unnecessary financial and time costs on patients, clinicians, the NHS and the public purse. In order to continue to deliver high-quality healthcare, the report urges that we must start to think in terms of value and sustainability; identifying a balance between cost and outcomes (value) and long-term impacts (sustainability).

The report consists of two parts - the actual report and a supplement of case studies. Data of seven examples of innovative models of outpatient care demonstrate environmental, financial and social benefits as well as improved patient outcomes covering different specialties, patient populations and regions.

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November, 2018

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  • case study


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