Laryngoscopes - disposable vs reusable

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Hi all, would really like to hear from anyone who has experience of reusable laryngoscopes or of recycling laryngoscope blades. 

Have you always used them? Have you managed to transition from disposable to reusable? 

What is your relationship with IPC?

What are the barriers, enablers and lessons learnt?

Feel free to post here or email me on



LCA single-use vs reusable laryngoscope

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Hello Becki

This life cycle assessment of single-use vs reusable laryngoscope might be useful if you don't have already:

Sherman JD, Raibley LA 4th, Eckelman MJ. Life Cycle Assessment and Costing Methods for Device Procurement: Comparing Reusable and Single-Use Disposable Laryngoscopes. Anesth Analg. 2018 Aug;127(2):434-443. doi: 10.1213/ANE.0000000000002683




Widespread recycling of laryngoscopes

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Hi Becki,

At Sharpsmart we provide a metal recycling service for all single-use theatre equipment, including laryngoscopes and laryngoscope blades. 

  • Collection and containment system is reusable, eliminating single use incineration bins. Container sizes of 14- 64 litres 
  • Aluminium alloys are recycled into window frames
  • Steel alloys are recycled into automotive components 
  • Plastic parts are separated and sent for materials recovery/ refuse derived fuel.

This system is now used in 25% of NHS acute hospitals, is anyone in this group using this system? If so let us know your thoughts


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