Launch Recording: The Nitrous Oxide Project

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We are very pleased with the progress being made on anaesthetic nitrous oxide mitigation happening across the UK, ROI and internationally.

For those who have not seen the recording of the launch outlining the project, please check it out here.

We are working hard to get regular data to the devolved nations - please bear with us!

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August, 2021

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Project completed

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We have completed this project at ELHT.  Very concerning outcome was found!


The Nitrous Oxide Project

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Hi Jason

I am curious what are those concerning outcomes.  Would appreciate very much if you could share.

May I have your email please?

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It doesnt seem to let me share files on here.  If you give me your email, I can send you the Green Newsletter we produced a few months ago!

May I have your email please

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Hi Jason


Many thanks

N2o destroyer

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Dear Jason, would you mind pls also sharing with Dr Dolphin and myself?

Thank you very much!

sharing files

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It sounds interesting, Jason! Sorry that you cannot currently share files on via a comment on this site - i'll see if we can change that. You can post files on the site if you create a Resource - would you be happy to do that? Many thanks, Frances

Some encouraging news

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In Southampton we have obtained the nitrous oxide cylinder return data from BOC annually since 2008. From the returns we have converted this to CO2e and demonstrated an 80% reduction in the use of anaesthetic nitrous oxide from 2500T CO2e in 2008 to less than 500T in 2020. (GWP taken as 265). Interestingly the most significant falls coincided with the introuduction of circle breathing systems and then more recently with anaesthesia machines capable of end tidal control. Kate Elliott surveyed the anaesthetic department exploring anaesthesia techniques and whilst paediatric gas inductions include nitrous oxide in about half, the younger anaesthetists use nitrous oxide almost regularly especially in the emergency setting. There is widespread knowledge of the environmental impact of nitrous oxide in our department. The study has been accepted for publication in the journal Anaesthesia.

1st ELHT Green Newsletter

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I think I have managed to upload this for everyone.  Let me know if there is anything you want to ask me.

Many thanks.


N20 leak

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Hi Jason, well done on your work on this. We had similar problem in Dunedin (NZ) - see my previous post, if you need to email to discuss then

Ngā mihi

matt jenks

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