Reduction and standardization of surgical instruments in pediatric inguinal hernia repair

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One way of reducing waste in theatre is to think about the surgical instruments we use (or open and don’t use!).

This study does not focus on environmental sustainability, but does look at reducing instrument usage/waste by standardising the instruments used in a commonly performed (paediatric) surgical procedure. The paper describes how they went about implementing the change and also demonstrates that this is acceptable to surgical teams, with potential to reduce costs and positively impact quality, safety, and efficiencies. I am therefore posting it in the hope it might be helpful to individuals who are keen to try and persuade other members of their team to engage with reducing waste.


Journal of Pediatric Urology February 2018 Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 20–24

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February, 2019

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fantastic example of reducing inputs while improving quality

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Thanks so much for posting this Charlotte - great article (only read abstract but it gives good summary). The intervention team half the weight of instruments on the tray and reduce number of instruments from 96 or 51 to just 28. In only 3 ops additional instruments were requested and nurses and surgeons reported that quality, safety, and efficiency were improved. This example of change has fantastic potential to encourage standardized instrumentation for other common surgeries.

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