We need to talk about Des...

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I thought members of the network may be interested in hearing about our work at Raigmore Hospital, where we managed to reduce our carbon emissions from volatile agents by 4.5% (from 5%) to 0.5%.

This is my guest post on the HCWH Europe site:  https://noharm-europe.org/articles/blog/europe/we-need-talk-about-des?mc_cid=81483a1c10&mc_eid=8654303480

We have shown that making the change in your department can be quite straightforward, but it is important to:

  1. Educate your colleagues about the environmental impact of the drugs they are using every day.
  2. Agree to remove Desflurane as a default - it can still be available, but not immediately to hand.
  3. Ask your nursing colleagues to help remove Desflurane after each use.
  4. Not worry about objections - colleagues concerned about the environment will accelerate the change and help spread the message.

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