GP practices invited to sign up for Green Impact scheme

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Thanks to support from the RCGP, GP practices can now sign up free for the NUS' fantastic Green Impact for Health programme - developed with support of the Severn Deanery GP Sustainability Scholars in 2014-15. 

Practice teams can register online for access to a toolkit containing actions designed by GPs and sustainability professionals, specifically to help GP surgeries improve their sustainability and environmental impact.

Teams then complete the actions by the deadline to see if they can win a Green Impact for Health award.

To find out more, visit the Green Impact website. You can also find a trial login on the flyer attached to this post.


Green Impact for Health

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Thanks Frances I've been looking at this via the trial login (which is very helpful) I think it looks great. I'm going to approach my own surgery about it this week.


Enthusiasm for GIfH

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Hi Jonathan, I was a developer of the GIfH toolkit and still involved in running the project. It's great to see that this caught your eye. Hope you've been able to get access to the toolkit. If not please use the email address on the flyer or message me and I can try and help. Will be great to hear more about your experience using it in the future. BW, Charlie.


Running Green Impact for Health

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As a developer of the GIfH toolkit I am clearly biased but I also used it as a trainee within my training practice. It really enthused a core group of staff within the practice including nurses, managers and admin staff, who were able to win a bronze award in a very short space of time. It soon became clear that there was big overlap with the quality improvement work going on in the practice and that tackling sustainability should be part of core business. Any practice across the country can now sign up, details are on the flyer at the top of this thread. 


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