Interactive body map: physical inactivity and the risks to your health

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This interactive body map summarises how physical inactivity can affect health conditions.

It has links to various studies on which it bases its analysis of the impact of a sedentary lifestyle.

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare's principles of sustainable clinical practice support a focus by clinicians on physical activity, as it overlaps with our priorities of:

  • prevention
  • patient empowerment and self-care
  • low carbon alternatives.

CSH is working with GPs and community members to increase people's physical activity to benefit their health. We have set up Green Health Routes at a number of sites across the UK so that doctors can prescribe walking as a healthy, environmentally friendly intervention. We also run the NHS Forest programme, making green spaces accessible to encourage people to use the outdoors at hospitals and surgeries. Lastly, we are working in partnership with other organisations who have programmes supporting physical activity, including a series of workshops with the Ecosystems Knowledge Network.

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