New research shows brisk walking most effective at reducing weight

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New research by the London School of Economics (LSE) shows that regular brisk walking is the best exercise for keeping weight down. The research compared 30min of high impact walking with the same amount of time spent on other vigorous exercises, ie going to the gym, swimming. The results are particularly pronounced in women, people over 50 and those on low incomes. To read more go to,-says-LSE-research.aspx



There's now no excuse!

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This is very interesting, particularly given that those on low incomes may feel (and indeed they'd be right!) that gym membership costs are too high.

In addition, finding time to exercise can be difficult in the modern lightning paced world, so it is often the first thing to be ditched when we feel pressured. But this research shows that actually the most beneficial exercise can be fit into our daily routines more easily, just by utilising active transport by walking/cycling to and from work or other places.



Hopefully, CSH's Green Health Routes can also help ...

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The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare has set up some Green Health Routes to encourage GPs to offer 'green prescriptions' to their patients, and to make pleasant walking routes accessible to communities to walk independently or as part of an organised walk. We've set up one in Marston in Oxford, and the original was established by Dr Will Nattrass at the surgery where he works in Frithwood, Gloucestershire. Others are now in the pipeline, as CSH is planning to set up more routes in Oxford involving communities and GP surgeries and we've shared details of the past projects so that NHS Trusts involved in our NHS Forest project can also adopt and adapt the idea. Please check here for more details: and


Shank's pony

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I completely agree Michael.  I'm a cycling evangelist and think the world would be a finer place if more people cycled but cycling isn't the solution to the physical activity deficit that walking can be - especially for those on low incomes.  Walking can save the bus fair but owning, servicing and storing a bike takes money and space.  Nice routes to walk appear to be critical too though, cue our Local Authority partners...


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