Sustainable Paediatric Respiratory Care

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Free podcast on sustainable paediatric respiratory care with Paediatric Trainees Kirsten Dykes and Rosie Spooner. 


We discusses the implications of climate change on child respiratory health, including the simple measures that respiratory health care professionals can do to help the environment.

Dr Rosie Spooner is a Paediatric Registrar in the Severn Deanery. She is a QI Education Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and is passionate about the environment

Host: Dr Kirstin DykesTwitter: @gasexchangepod




1. Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution (RCP & RCPCH Feb 2016):

2. The Inside story: health effects of indoor air quality on children and young people (RCPCH Jan 2020):

3. Learn more about the Kidzmed project helping children switch from liquid medicines to tablets: publication here:

4. Inhaler resources: 

5. Sustainable QI resources from the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare:www.susqi.org6.

Further information on air pollution and health, including patient information


Great podcast

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Thanks for this podcast, relevant to anyone who deals with patients with respiratory conditions or prescribes or dispenses inhalers (might be worth sharing on pharmacy forums too?). As an adult respiratory physician I found it really informative, and I continue to be amazed at how much of an impact we could have by making relatively simple changes, that make patient-care and financial sense too (eg for those for whom MDIs remain more suitable than DPIs, there are lower footprint propellant inhalers which are cost-equivalent, or the importance of patients being able to tell when their inhaler is empty or not, to get maximum use from it without risking using an empty inhaler). Thank you! 


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