Greener Allied Health Professions (AHP) Week 2024

Ben Whittaker

The Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (CAHPO) set out to highlight the role of AHPs in Delivering a net zero NHS and environmental sustainability is a focus of the five-year AHP strategy for England

This Greener AHP week is an opportunity to:

  • share projects and ideas for AHPs to get involved
  • raise awareness of the links between health and climate change, the NHS net zero ambition, and the shifts required to build a Greener NHS programme, nationally and regionally
  • support each other and grow networks
  • consider what a greener NHS might look like and what the benefits can be for us all.

You can read more about the success of last year’s Greener AHP Week on the CSH website.

Current list of events (virtual meeting links will be shared in March)

Monday 22 April

  • Launch of Greener AHP Week (10:00 to 11:00)
  • Introduction to sustainable healthcare (12:00 to 12:45)
  • Walking aid reuse setting up a scheme in acute and community settings (13:00 to 13:45)
  • Virtual neuro rehabilitation – how to and lessons learnt (14:00 to 14:45)
  • Equipment reuse and recycling – acute and community settings (16:00 to 16:45)
  • The environmental impact of specialist physiotherapy for limb reconstruction (19:00 to 19:45)

Tuesday 23 April

  • Streamlining referral pathways to SLT and other green action (11:00 to 11:45)
  • Dietetic green activities – case study and audits (13:00 to 13:45)
  • The role of a clinical lead in net zero: ODP (14:00 to 14:45)
  • Greener by default: using behavioural science to make sustainable foods the easy choice (16:00 to 16:45)
  • Greener AHP projects: diagnostic radiography leadership placements (19:00 to 19:45)

Wednesday 24 April

  • An orthoptic department’s sustainability journey (10:00 to 10:45)
  • Community appointment days: everything under one roof (11:00 to 11:45)
  • Spotlight conversation: Suzanne Rastrick, CAHPO (England) and Nicky Philpott, Deputy Director, Greener NHS (12:00 to 12:30)
  • Guidance issued on sustainability in AHP curricula (13:15 to 14.00)
  • Planetary health report card: what is it? how are students using it? (14:15 to 15.00)
  • Role emerging greener placements for students (15:00 to 15:45)
  • AHP Susnet networking event: Becoming a Greener AHP (19:00 to 20:00)

Thursday 25 April

  • The Carbon Literacy Project for AHPs (10:00 to 10:45)
  • Green Walking, Green Gyms and Green Spaces in Acute Mental Health Settings (11:00 to 11:45)
  • Urgent Community Response – Greening the Fleet (12:00 to 12:45)
  • Clean Air and Exercise: e-bikes for community staff (14:00 to 14:45)
  • Dieticians as Advocates (15:00 to 15:45)

Friday 26 April

  • Empowering Individuals for Sustainable healthcare in Forensic Mental Health (10:00 to 10:45)
  • Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Green Space for Health Team (12:00 to 12:45)
  • Reducing single use waste in Operating Theatres (13:00 to 13:45)
  • Panel Round up of Greener AHP week: Q & A (15:30 to 16:15)

For more information, see the Greener AHP Hub

Comments (13)

Danielle Munford
Danielle Munford

Hi Ben, is there a poster I can download to put up at work with a QR code to register for this event (before I start making one!). Could ask students to share on placement too. Thanks

Jacqueline Gordon
Jacqueline Gordon

Hi Danielle, we are just getting a poster made up - I will forward to you - thanks so much for sharing (and if you've made one already I am sorry - and sure yours is great!) Love that you are getting students to share on placement too.
Thanks ! Jackie Jacqueline.gordon3@nhs.net

Rachel Tighe
Rachel Tighe

Hi, has the poster been created? My colleague forwarded me an email about the AHP week on Future NHS collaboration platform that seemed to suggest there wa a poster but I couldn't find out how to access it. Thanks

Jacqueline Gordon
Jacqueline Gordon

Hi Rachel, we hope that some will be recorded depending on the wishes of the presenters - but all the slides should be available here afterwards.

Melanie Rowland
Melanie Rowland

I'm really keen to promote engagement with Greener AHPs week in our organisation. Can I just check that the only way to get meeting links is for people to register on this platform and then register for the sessions they want to attend? I had hoped to be able to share a list of links to the sessions with colleagues via our Trust comms to encourage engagement in the week.

Jacqueline Gordon
Jacqueline Gordon

Hi Melanie - thanks for your message and glad you are keen to promote in your organisation! The information is all here and links can be accessed from here as one of the main goals is to get people to engage with CSH /Networks etc. Of course once you have the links you can share directly but it's not a big step to go through ticket links here - I hope that people might still engage. Also the Colour coded week quite easy to read - hopefully - happy to send more info /posters etc. if you email me: Jacqueline.gordon3@nhs.net

Good luck!

Melanie Rowland
Melanie Rowland

Jacqueline Gordon Thank you for confirming . The colour coded page is great. I hadn't seen that before so definitely will be a good resource for us to use to promote engagement. Thank you!

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