Mental Health Susnet Networking Event - Using a Forest School Approach in Mental Health Services

Ben Whittaker
Ben Whittaker

At this event, Carl Dutton (Mental Health Practitioner/Forest School Leader/Nature Well Facilitator/Psychotherapist, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust) will be presenting and discussing FRESH CAMHS, the Forest School approach used with young people with a range of mental health issues. The on-site interventions at Alder Hey also include a more mindful programme called Nature Well, and Walk and Talk sessions for individual therapy.  Find out more here: https://nhsforest.org/case-study/fresh-camhs-at-alder-hey/

The climate and ecological emergency is a health emergency. There are particular implications for people's mental health with vulnerable groups being disproportionately affected, including people with pre-existing mental illness and children.

Addressing climate change has been described as the greatest health opportunity this century. Sustainable mental healthcare will provide better outcomes for service users through prevention, empowerment, improving value and cutting carbon.

Come along to this global networking event and meet other people who would like to work towards sustainable mental health services. All are welcome.

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