NHS Highland Medical Education Conference. Striving for Sustainability: Medical Education in a Climate of Change

Rory Gibson

Dear Colleagues,

I'm pleased to inform you about an exciting Medical Education conference occurring in Inverness (with options to participate online) during the 30th-31st May 2024. 

NHS Highland are hosting a Medical Education conference with the theme of 'Striving for Sustainability: Medical Education in a Climate of Change'. 

Over the 2 days, the conference will aim to explore the immense challenges being faced by the health service in relation to sustainability. This is both from the perspective of looking at the socioeconomic and environmental drivers of rising service demand (such as climate change and the widening health gap) and how we can attempt to address them; as well as looking at how we maintain a sustainable workforce of trainees and trainers within the NHS in the face of these challenges. 

Speakers include: Dame Parveen Kumar, Sir Michael Marmot, Professor Mala Rao, Dame Carrie MacEwen, Professor Graham Ellis, and many more. There will also be an array of interactive workshops.

The conference is free and is accessible to all healthcare professionals with involvement or interest in education and sustainability. 

Further information with a link to registration can be found in the attachment.

In person places will be prioritised for local trainers and trainees. 

All the best,

Rory Gibson

Medical Education Fellow in Sustainable Healthcare Education, NHS Highland



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Rory Gibson
Rory Gibson

Cheers, Garry! Great to hear.
I should probably say that he is the one speaker that will be presenting and taking part in the panel discussion from London via live stream. As to how he was secured, personally I wasn't involved in that part therefore couldn't say, sorry!

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