Reproductive Justice and the Climate Emergency in the UK: Free Lunchtime Webinar

Rachael Ward (CSH)

Birth Companions and Wen (Women’s Environmental Network) invite you to our free Lunchtime Webinar to celebrate the publication of our new policy paper looking at the implications of the climate emergency for reproductive justice in the UK.

Wednesday 17th April 2024
12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Online, Zoom

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The climate and biodiversity emergency poses severe challenges to reproductive, maternal, infant, and child health. We are already seeing the substantial effects that air pollution, toxic chemicals, extreme heat, climate migration, food insecurity, and other factors can have on our ability to conceive, sustain healthy pregnancies, and birth and parent our children in safety. And we know that women facing poverty, inequality, and disadvantage, and those from Black and Brown communities disproportionately bear the impacts of these factors.

As we look for solutions to the climate emergency, we urgently need to incorporate a focus on reproductive justice.

The intersectional, rights-based framework of reproductive justice, developed by Black and Indigenous women in the United States in the 1990s, is a powerful tool with which to centre the needs and experiences of marginalised groups facing inequality and disadvantage; and to determine opportunities for action on climate and reproductive injustices at individual, local, organisational and national levels.

Join this Lunchtime Webinar to hear:

  • Birth Companions and Wen discuss our recent collaborative work on climate and reproductive justice
  • Reflections from some exciting guest speakers (TBA)
  • Q&A session on reproductive justice and the climate emergency

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