Sustainable Healthcare Coalition Green Surgery Webinar

Rose Ingleton

Sustainable Healthcare Coalition Green Surgery Webinar - Supply Chain, Procurement & Industry


The Sustainable Healthcare Coalition and The Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) will host a webinar on 10th April 2024 to discuss the findings from the Green Surgery Report and how supply chains, procurement and industry can play critical roles in accelerating delivery of decarbonisation and enhanced sustainability that is needed. In the webinar, we will hear from:

Prof Mahmood Bhutta, Brighton & Sussex Medical School and one of the report’s lead authors;
Dr Fiona Adshead, Chair of the Sustainable Healthcare Coalition;
Alexandra Hammond, Head of Sustainable Procurement & Supply Chain at NHS England;
Andrew Stevenson, Co-Chair Sustainability in Surgery at RCSEng;
Addie MacGregor, Sustainability Manager for ABHI


For more information and to register follow this link:


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