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Monday 2nd August 2021

This is a free networking event for any occupational therapy practitioners, students, educators, managers, researchers interested in exploring sustainable practice.  This means using resources to deliver healthcare today without compromising the health of current or future generations. 

Come along to meet other occupational therapists who would like to practice more sustainably, consider how to address this in your work and take away some practical ideas.

Wednesday 8th September 2021

This course brings together people from across mental health and social care to develop social, environmental and financial sustainability in mental health services, and highlights the leadership role mental health professionals can play in providing healthcare for all within planetary boundaries.   


Tuesday 14th September 2021

Those working in General Practice are trusted sources of information, educators, community members and run responsible small businesses. Sustainable changes often have huge co-benefits for patients and staff.  Primary care staff have the power to reduce their practice's environmental footprint whilst improving care quality. In this short 3-part course we offer an overview of the development of sustainable healthcare, share case studies of good practice, and provide tips and tricks for greening your practice.

Tuesday 14th September 2021

This course is an overview of the relationship between the health sector and the climate and ecological crises. How does the health system contribute to climate change? How can clinical practices become sustainable?​

  • Workshop: 14 September 14.00-18.00
  • Self-study period opens: 23 August

£120 + VAT | Book here

Thursday 16th September 2021

Green space contributes to physical and mental wellbeing and offers therapeutic benefits for recovery from illness.

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