'Environmentally Sustainable Theatres' working group

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At the end of August 2018, we successfully established this environmental initiative at North Bristol NHS Trust, which continues to run multiple projects within theatres to reduce our carbon footprint.

North Bristol NHS Trust strongly supports sustainable working practices, has a very active Sustainability Department and their Sustainability strategy is embedding this culture throughout the Trust.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about what we are doing here.


Really exciting work at NBT

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Hi Ruth, I really appreciate you sharing this with the network. It is great to see a demonstration of how theatres can implement sustainability into their working practices. 

I wonder if you could provide some advice on exactly how you started up a working group - was there an existing demand for it or did you have to 'recruit' people to it, so to speak? If so, did you do this by word of mouth/through departmental meetings/email? I'm keen to get something started at work, but am not sure where to start (and I'm wondering if others may be in the same situation)!


Hi Charlotte,

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Hi Charlotte,

I think you will find that once you put the word out you will get a lot of silently committed people who were perhaps just waiting for someone to initiate something.  A group email to all staff if a good starting point, for this you will need managers to be onboard but if presented with enough facts it will be seen as a positive thing to do.


The biggest problem is actually sustaining it and for that it needs all onboard and constant motivation\reminders\encouragement and that's where a group of like minded people come in...


Good Luck!


East Midlands anaesthetic trainee meeting

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Hello, I am new to the network, am really interested in sustainable anaesthetic practice. Our summer meeting has the theme of sustainability and I was wondering whether anyone knew of anyone who might be willing to man (or woman) a stand?

Best wishes 




Suggested contact for you

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Hi Fran, welcome to he network! I think that Cathy Lawson would be a good person for you to be in contact with regarding this. She is a Fellow in Environmentally Sustainable Anaesthesia. I’ll PM you her email address so that you can contact her directly. 


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