Green iron: normalising plant-focused diets and the need for updated online nutritional resources

Catherine Gaynor
Catherine Gaynor • 14 December 2023

Opinion piece on sustainable diets, gaps in online clinical dietary resources and in particular the messaging on iron availability from plant focused diets.

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May 2023

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Laura-Jane Smith
Laura-Jane Smith

Great article! Includes practical info and myth busting "iron deficiency prevalence (in industrialised countries) has not been found to be higher in non-meat-eating groups."

What do you ask your patients who have iron deficiency? We should move away from 'Do you eat red meat' to ‘Do you eat dark green vegetables, pulses, beans, nuts, seeds, and fortified breakfast cereals? Are you having tea and coffee with your meals? And do you eat citrus fruits?’

Also great points on the fact that the resources we share with patients must be consistent with messages on climate and health. We still work in a very disconnected way rather than taking a One Health approach.

Favourite quote from the article - says it all! "For too long there has been a tendency to consider human and planetary health separately. Food is a perfect example of where you can see the two are fundamentally linked. It is one of our greatest levers to combat both the climate and health crisis.'

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