Greener Dietetics: Greener Activities and Audits to make real change

Jacqueline Gordon
Jacqueline Gordon • 10 June 2024

Agnes Szmurlo presents on the important changes that dietitians can make in their roles with patients, staff and wider.

Agnes is a paediatric dietitian working in the ketogenic diet team at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Her day to day is helping patients with drug resistant epilepsy and their families with introducing and continuing a ketogenic diet.

Outside of clinical interests, Agnes has been a sustainability lead for the Dietetic Department for the last 1.5 years. As part of this exciting role, together with other green AHPs and sustainability colleagues, she works on different projects within and outside of her department and looks for areas of improvement where a green touch is needed.

The session is facilitated by Sarah a Dietitian who has worked in a range of clinical roles in the NHS. In 2019 she moved in a Quality Improvement role and from September 2022- August 2023 she was one of NHS England’s Chief Sustainability Officer's Clinical Fellows. She is currently leading a regional hydration improvement project for the South

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Szmurlo, A.
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June 2024

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