How can general practice adopt greener ways of working?

Nuala Hampson
Nuala Hampson • 10 October 2023

This 30 minute podcast from GP Online features our very own Dr Tamsin Ellis, a London GP, director and co-chair of Greener Practice, and GP associate here at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.

In this conversation Tamsin discusses some practical steps that practices and clinicians can take to help tackle the climate crisis, including how sustainability and greener approaches can come into play in patient consultations – and the benefits this can bring to practices, GPs, staff and patients.

She also explains some of the resources Greener Practice and others have to help GPs, why it’s important that general practice engages with sustainability, and how getting involved in this work can make your practice a better place to work and improve staff wellbeing.

Resource author(s)
Tamsin Ellis
Resource publishing organisation(s) or journal
GP Online
Resource publication date
October 2023

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