The New York Hospital Plant Based By Default example and Greener By Default non-profit details

Catherine Gaynor
Catherine Gaynor • 27 February 2024

Greener by Default are a non-profit consultancy who provide healthcare orgs 'one-on-one consultation, menu analysis, and marketing collateral, all completely free of charge.'

“Greener by Default makes plant-based food the default, while giving diners the choice to opt into meat/dairy. This strategy allows institutions to:
- meet carbon reduction goals
- save on food costs
- improve health and inclusivity
- all while preserving freedom of choice”

With the help of Greener By Default, Mayor Adams of New York City has made their eleven public hospitals now plant based as the primary menu option (‘Plant-based / Greener by default’). NYC Hospitals + Health is the biggest public healthcare system in the US, serving three million meals a year. At the last count the hospital system had reduced its food-related carbon emissions by 36%.

Link to Greener by Default website, video and contact details

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