Planetary Health Report Card - Nursing Report

Lucy Brown
Lucy Brown • 22 April 2024

PHRC was originally founded in 2019, the Planetary Health Report Card is a metric-based tool for evaluating and improving planetary health content in health professional schools. At each participating institution, student-led, faculty-mentored teams fill out the report card, identifying opportunities for improvement and reaching out to relevant staff and faculty along the way. Results are published in an annual Earth Day report, which helps track institutional change over time. Since its creation, the PHRC has expanded rapidly to evaluate over 100 medical schools in 15 nations, with the fourth annual cycle of evaluation recently published. Though the initiative was developed by medical students to evaluate medical schools, adaptations of the PHRC for nursing and pharmacy training programs have recently been piloted. We hope this initiative inspires planetary health engagement, for our education, for our future, and for our planet.

With the help of planetary health, education for sustainable healthcare, and sustainability experts around the world, we have created an internationally generalizable Planetary Health Report Card. This student-driven initiative compares health professional schools on the basis of discrete metrics in five main categories.

Planetary Health Curriculum
Interdisciplinary Research
Institutional Support
Community Outreach And Advocacy
Campus Sustainability

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Teddie Potter, Kent Boyd
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April 2024

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