Reducing low value testing in the Emergency Department

Rachel McLean
Rachel McLean • 19 December 2023

Project completed as part of the Hampshire Hospitals Green Team Competition 2023.

Aims: To reduce the number of unnecessary coagulation samples in both Basingstoke and Winchester Emergency Departments to reduce consumable waste and reduce carbon footprint.


The team observed a reduction in 1,884 coagulation samples in two months. This is a 24% reduction in coagulation samples from 130.2/day to 98.8/day (31.4 samples/day).

This is a saving of 1,095.67 kgCO2e and £7,266 over the year with the project sustained. It is likely this could be improved upon further, with greater numbers of samples prevented. 


Lab processing time saved = 157 hours (6.5 days) so far, with 955 hours (40 days) over a year. This resource is now available to the wider population and can contribute to faster turnaround of other tests and job satisfaction for the lab team. Whilst hard to measure, supporting and empowering staff to deliver better care supports a culture where staff take pride in their work and strive to be the best we can be for patients.

Resource author(s)
Emma Christmas & Sarah Noble – Consultants in Emergency Medicine,
Resource publishing organisation(s) or journal
Hampshire Hospitals NHS FT

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