Simulation Exercises Teaching Clinical Skills and Knowledge of the Health Effects of Climate Change

Warren Lavey
Warren Lavey • 1 September 2018

We describe a clinical-skills based approach to teaching medical and public health students the health effects of climate change.  This resource presents eleven simulation exercises used with over 100 students, and reports on the students' work.  Students are eager to learn clinical skills, and existing curricula offer a range of simulated standardized patients and other active learning exercises that could be modified to provide training on climate change. 

Resource publication date
September 2018

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Sheeba Kunjukrishnan Retnabai
Sheeba Kunjukrishnan Retnabai

Hi, it is an amazing document and I am planning to develop some simulation scenarios as T/L methods and also for assessment in climate change and health courses. It is great that I came across these resources and I will share with you all the simulation scenarios I develop and also looking forward to learn and collaborate with you all.

Warren Lavey
Warren Lavey

Hello, Sheeba. Thank you for the nice message. We are thrilled about your teaching efforts and glad you find these resources helpful.

Here are three related documents you may find helpful: (1); (2); and (3)

Please let us know about your experiences. We would be happy to provide additional assistance. Best wishes.

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