Sustainability in dentistry: Leading for change

Amarantha Fennell-Wells
Amarantha Fennell-Wells • 10 January 2024

Sustainability in dentistry: Leading for change is a scoping review to inform and engage the dental profession, dental industry, and wider oral health and dental care infrastructure on the environmental sustainability of practicing dentistry. Organised thematically, it provides an in-depth exploration of wide-ranging aspects of the sustainability of clinical practice such as legislation, health service emissions targets, prescribing, procurement, education and regulation, and makes recommendations for change that can be undertaken by each part of the system.

Resource author(s)
Fennell-Wells, A.; Gadhia, T.; Gonzalez Malaga, E,; Kandhari, S.; Morley, C.; Oliver, R,; Tebbutt, K.; Venugopal, S.
Resource publishing organisation(s) or journal
College of General Dentistry
Resource publication date
September 2023

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