Sustainability in Hand Therapy

Pete Vesey
Pete Vesey • 29 September 2023

Linda Cornish (Clinical Specialist Hand Therapist, MCSP) and Sarah Bradley (Consultant Hand Therapist MSc, DipCOT, RCOT member) wrote for OTnews Sept edition ahead of the British Association of Hand Therapists conference on 6-7th October 2023; which has a main theme of Sustainability.

Pete Vesey (Professional Advisor - Environmental Sustainability at the RCOT) will be exhibiting for RCOT at the BAHT conference, alongside Ben Whittaker (AHP and Mental Health Lead at CSH) and Jackie Gordon (Chief Sustainability Officer Fellow at Greener NHS)

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Cornish, L. and Bradley, S.
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September 2023

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Yasmeen Bham
Yasmeen Bham

This looks great - how are splints that were used by patients that are no longer needed being dealt with? At present ours are going into the bin.

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