Sustainable Kidney Care Playbook

Caroline Stigant
Caroline Stigant • 16 January 2024

This resource aims to inspire action using examples of environmentally sustainable kidney care from predominantly Canadian settings and practitioners, and provides knowledge and tools to guide implementation and practice. CASCADES, a pan-Canadian initiative supporting environmentally sustainable practices in healthcare, collaborated with the Sustainable Nephrology Action Planning 'SNAP' Committee of the Canadian Society of Nephrology in developing this playbook. This resource is intended for all kidney health professionals and advocates. The playbook is available in both French and English.

Resource author(s)
Stigant C, Nour S, Finkle N, Devitt K.
Resource publishing organisation(s) or journal
CASCADES (Creating a Sustainable Canadian Health System in a Climate Crisis)
Resource publication date
January 2024

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Caroline Stigant
Caroline Stigant

Thank you Frances for posting in the Kidney Network! The first of the 2 above links is to the French language Playbook, the 2nd to the English version. We hope our community finds this useful and fun to navigate!

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