Is There a Market for Sustainable Healthcare?

Stefi  Barna
Stefi Barna • 10 January 2024

This is a interesting alternative to the CSH principles of sustainable healthcare and the GNHS workstreams.
'We propose five policy principles:
1. Reduce healthcare demand through increased diffusion of preventive medical services and adoption of preventive healthcare behaviors by consumers.
2. Reduce the administrative burden of care delivery by shortening the “distance” between provider and patient.
3. Encourage sustainable patient care choices by reducing patient out-of-pocket costs for preventive and health promoting services, while retaining higher patient responsibility for lower value, elective health services.
4. Redesign therapies, devices, and care delivery models to reduce environmentally persistent raw materials use, enable low-cost recycling and reuse, and increase durability.
5. Audit carbon consumption in the healthcare value network to facilitate continuous reductions. '

Resource author(s)
Hui, Menard, Gobardi, Phan
Resource publishing organisation(s) or journal
Journal of Sustainable Marketing
Resource publication date
June 2022

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