Integrating sustainability into Dental Core training - case study

Alice Clack
Alice Clack • 7 August 2023

Please watch and share the following presentation made recently by Dr Jenny Girdler, Leadership Fellow in NetZero/Sustainable Dentistry, at the annual CSH SusQI Showcase event. Details of this case study can also be downloaded from the networks resource platform, or from this webpage.  Do also get in touch and share your work in this area.

Integrating sustainability into NHS England, Yorkshire and Humber Dental Core Training 


  • Dentistry is responsible for 3% of the NHS’s carbon emissions, and until this project had no embedded sustainability training. Building sustainability into Dental Core Training therefore became a key priority. 

  • The course pre-reading utilises the CSH’s open-source education pack contents, and the sustainability in QI teaching content is delivered in three parts: 1) Educational workshops, 2) Project development sessions, and the 3) Project presentation day. 

  • Example projects are outlined in this presentation.  

  • Testimonials indicate that  trainees felt empowered through this content to initiate sustainable change in their workplace.  

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