LCA of bio-based polymer tubes

Martin Farley
Martin Farley • 16 March 2023

Hi all,

I saw that Eppendorf have released some microtubes which are made partly of a biobased polymer -…

At UCL, we've started a project to do LCAs of common lab consumables, and have included these to assess the impact of switching to them, which I'm hoping we'll publish in April or May latest.

One question I was wondering though, was what the thoughts were of those working in clinical labs. Could anyone foresee any issues with this?

Best, Martin

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Sarah  Walpole
Sarah Walpole

Hi Martin,

Thanks for sharing this, it sounds like a good development. Do you know if any other companies are also producing?

Would CLSI or EUCAST standards guide choices of materials and would it be useful to approach them? e.g.…

With labs regularly doing vertical and horizontal quality control, probably they would increase the amount of QC they do when introducing a new product, but there might be a lot of organisational barriers (financial cost, culture, etc.) to making a change?

Best wishes,

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