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Simon Gibbons
Simon Gibbons • 21 February 2024…

This is related to next Tuesday's network event. A powerful webinar from the AgriFood4NetZero network, that is a multidisciplinary collaboration focused on sustainability in food production and just transitions.

To quote from the AgriFood4NetZero website:

"Let’s deal with an elephant in the room: Transforming the food system is largely an occupation pursued by middle class professionals on salaries. Whether it be in academia, policy research and design, government, NGOs, or food sector management – most of the people making decisions (or aiming to inform decisions) about the agri-food system, don’t themselves have living experience of poverty, food insecurity and inequality. What impact will this have on food system transformation going forwards, if voices of people with such experiences are not included in a more meaningful way? How can they be given an ongoing and equal seat at the table to ensure a just transition? What are the realities of living with poverty that many of those working on food system transformation don’t consider or understand?
Dominic Watters digs into all of this for us in this thought-provoking webinar. As a single dad living in poverty and food and fuel insecurity, Dominic’s ability to tell it like it is and connect the dots on poverty has made him an increasingly sought after voice on these issues. He is a campaigner, speaker, and author of Social Distance in Social Work: COVID Capsule One.
Watch the webinar "

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