MY Green Lab launches AP Program Engagement Module

Alistair Gammie
Alistair Gammie • 20 April 2023

Earth Week Exclusive: 
Launching the Engagement Module of Our Accredited Professional Program


My Green Lab wishes you a very Happy Earth Week!

At My Green Lab, our team is committed to protecting the earth each and every day — inside the laboratory and out!

As we celebrate this special week, we're excited to share some news that aligns perfectly with the spirit of Earth Week —  the launch of our new Accredited Professional (AP) Program Engagement Module.


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The Engagement module of our AP Course is designed to empower and inspire you to drive engagement in your organization toward lab sustainability. It outlines two leading behavior change models and provides a complete, detailed engagement process from prototyping to a post-launch assessment to drive impact in your lab.

Building a lasting culture of sustainability in the lab, where people are empowered to make choices that best sustain themselves and their work, takes creativity, time, clear communication, and the freedom to question our own behavior and to choose to do something different. How do we empower and inspire scientists to modify their habits and try something new? That’s what this module is all about.



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