From paper piles to digital smiles

Lilias Jeffery
Lilias Jeffery • 8 December 2023

Let me take you on a personal journey.

Picture this: stacks of paperwork, endless files, and a lingering feeling of guilt about the impact our speech therapy practices were having on the environment.

Working for an independent paediatric speech therapy company, where each school has many students with many casenotes, assessment paperwork, therapy targets, home working packs (and more!). I couldn't shake off the negative feeling that our paper-heavy practices weren't exactly doing the planet any favours. 

So, we decided to do something about it. I wasn't alone; many of us at the company shared the same concern. We wanted to make a positive change, not just for our own sanity but for the bigger picture – for Mother Earth.

Enter digital documentation. Going from mountains of paper to the sleek simplicity of digital records has been a game-changer. No more wrestling with paperwork – just a few clicks, and we're on our way to doing our bit for the planet. But here's the best part – it's not just about being eco-friendly. That's a massive win, but going digital has streamlined our services in ways we didn't anticipate. Assessments, progress tracking, Nursery to Primary to Secondary school transfers, caseload management – all at our fingertips.

Since COVID our service has made the transition, with much of the country, to using the convenience of telepractice where possible to cut down on carbon footprints. No more racing across the city centre for appointments. We've brought meetings to the screen where it's possible, including EHCP reviews, service planning meets, 1:1 trainings, team CPDs and staff meetings. I can enjoy doing the job I love, while at home with my dog curled up beside me, knowing that the small steps towards a greener future are being prioritised at the place I work.

Now, is everything perfect? No. There's still more to do. We're not claiming to have it all figured out, but embedding digital documentation in our practices is a significant step in the right direction. It's like turning the first page of a book – there's a whole story ahead, and I'm excited to keep reading it. 

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