Reusable/repurposing of waste

Kelly Anderson
Kelly Anderson • 24 January 2024

Hi, i wondered if anyone is aware of a database/paper that shows what materials can be used elsewhere once considered waste.  I have been asked about the silicone moulds used in hearing devices as once finished the silicone is being thrown away and the electrical/mechanical part is being reused.  Just wondered if anyone knew of something where the silicone could be repurposed/recycled as seems such a waste?

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Collette Germon
Collette Germon

I'm now aware of a database, really comes down to the local waste contractors. Local being important word. If the waste has to travel a long way to be processed that can defeat the objective of trying to save carbon by reusing an item due to long journeys.

The final weight and mass of the waste also needs to be considered. Most waste generates income on tonnage (weight) after segregation. If the waste has little weight then income to the waste contractor can be minimal resulting it it being easier to incinerate locally, reducing storage, travel but gaining the calorific value when burnt and energy generated.

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