SusQI in practice - example from Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust home enteral feedings team

Alice Clack
Alice Clack • 7 August 2023

Please watch and share this 8 minute presentation delivered by Sarah Williams, home enteral feeding specialist lead, and Laura-Marie Baldwin, Dietician training lead, from Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“Streamlining enteral feeding equipment” the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust home enteral feeding team" 

Talk synopsis:

  • The home enteral feeding team in Gloucestershire have a contract with Nutricia to provide feeding equipment and formulas. Nutricia developed and tested more sustainable changes to their equipment and the feeding team piloted their use within the Neurological Centre. 

  • The equipment changes consisted of using reusable containers for feeding (suitable for up to 30 usages), and giving sets that can be used multiple times within a 24 hour period. 

  • Eligible patients were identified, training was delivered to staff and a pre- and post-pilot questionnaire was sent out to patients and staff to gauge environmental opinions.  

  • Results indicated a strongly positive response to the new equipment, with 90% of staff additionally indicating a greater understanding of the impact of healthcare on the environment. None felt that patient care was compromised. 

  • Future plans include extending the change made to a wider population and working with commercial partners to encourage them to develop further sustainable solutions such as having patients return excess feed for use as biofuel. 

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