We are recruiting - Trustee vacancy

Sara Lemaitre
Sara Lemaitre • 17 April 2024

We are looking for our new trustee, could it be you?

An independent charity, CSH has been leading efforts to incorporate the values of environmental sustainability into the health sector since its establishment in 2008.

As a trustee of our charity, you will have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in shaping our organisation's future direction. The Board culture is friendly and lively, with an openness to creative ideas and input. There is a focus on core mission and values to inform decision making processes.

The Board values diversity and welcomes applicants from a range of backgrounds. We particularly welcome new trustees who could bring skills and experience in financial management or legal and IP transfer. Though please do not be put off from applying if you do not have any of these skills or if you have never been a Trustee before.

How to apply and more information about the role here:… 

Apply by: 1st June 2024

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