Witches and Wolves

Site Administrator Agile
Site Administrator Agile • 14 April 2009

We are coordinating a project to plant 1.3 million trees in the UK with the staff and patients of the NHS. The project, currently in a pilot phase, will offer patients and relatives the opportunity to give a more lasting gift or remembrance. But what name do we give to all these trees?

So far it has been called the NHS Forest but our friendly Fleet Street hack told us “Forests are big dark places where wolves eat grandmothers”.  Jacqueline, a member of the CfGH team, said “Personally, I find that witches tend to avoid forests and stick to pinching the last seat on the no.13 bus, or ramming your ankle with a trolley in Tesco’s ... and wolves get a rotten deal as they're intelligent, family-minded and beautifully furry. Qualities sadly lacking in many journalists, I fear..." Is the journalist right - does 'NHS Forest' sound scary? If so, what else could we call it? What name do you suggest for 1.3 million trees connected with health and planted all over the country? Send us your suggestions by adding a new comment on this blog below or by sending us an email: email CfGH.

To read more about the NHS Forest project click here.

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